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300 CFM Air Compressor

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The D300T4F will deliver a faster return on investment and lower total cost of ownership. A powerful engine with a maintenance-free T4F system means that the D300T4F will spend more time generating revenue in a diverse range of applications. New Kohler KDI2504-TCR Tier 4 Final Diesel Engine provides smooth, quiet and economical operation without a DPF System. 28.6 Gallon Steel Fuel Tank provides for more than a full shift of run time and resists cracking, splitting and deformation. The 74 HP engine & dual-pressure system allows the D300 to be used on job sites where larger compressors are traditionally used. Low-Speed, Direct Drive Air-End spins at a maximum of 2600 rpm, reducing heat and virtually eliminating bearing failures.
300 CFM Air Compressor